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Van Zandt County Sarah Norman Library

Your Library Card

Applying for a Library Card

To obtain a library card, a valid picture ID will be required. You must be a resident of Van Zandt County or show proof that you work in the county. If the current address is not on the picture ID, proof will be needed in some other form such as:

  • a recent Utility Bill
  • Your current Vote of Registration card
  • Your current Auto Insurance
  • or another identifying document

Two (2) references, persons who live in Van Zandt County who are not related to the applicant, with phone numbers, are required for the issuance of a library card.  If applicant does not have a phone, a third reference will be required.

Children from the ages of 6 through 17 need a parent's or guardian's signature on the application form in order to obtain their own card.  Parent/Guardian must have a library card.

Getting a Replacement Card

Initial library cards are free; however, a replacement card costs $3.00.

The Library does not accept card, only cash or check.

Checking Out

Only 2 items will be checked out on a new card. This applies to the first checkout only. 10 items are the limit after the first check out.

You must have your library card with you in order to check out any materials.  The checkout period is for two weeks for books and audios.  Most items may be rechecked; however, new "bestseller" items or items for which someone else has designated a "reserve" may not be rechecked.  All items must be brought to the library in order to have them rechecked.

Videos check out for seven days.  There is a limit of five (5) videos per family.

The library is not responsible for damage done to equipment through the use of the library's video materials.  Patrons are responsible for any limitations on the use of videos including duplications, distribution and viewing rights.  Children are allowed to check out videos.  However, it is the parent's responsibility, and not the libraries in the selection of their children's videos. No Rated R videos will be checked out to anyone under age 17.

Reference materials do not check out for any reason.

Check Out Policy

The cardholder is responsible for all materials checked out on his/her card.  It is the responsibility of the cardholder to report any lost or stolen cards to the library; this should be done as soon as the cardholder is aware of the loss.

All circulation records are private and confidential.  This includes children's records as well as adults.

Renewing Your Card

Our Library Cards expire once a year.

In this case you will need to come to the library to renew it. We cannot renew cards over the phone.

There is no charge to renew, we just need to confirm your information and update anything that has changed.

If you have any fines on your account or children's accounts, we will not be able to renew your card until all fines have been paid.

The Library does not accept card, only cash or check.